Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ECS Re-Greening 2014

In the spring (and months leading up to that), my school partner in "green" and I finalized what we had started over Christmas break:  The "re-greening" of Eagle Cove School.  Since 2006 when ECS (formerly "Gibson Island Country School") became an official Maryland "Green" School, every 4 years we need to go through a re-certification process.  This process is necessary in order to ensure that the school is continuing forth with its environmental initiatives.  So after 2010, 2014 was our 2nd time for us to go forth to do that.  Of course, the "Green Team" of the two of us started the undertaking of re-greening long before our January 8th announcement that Eagle Cove was closing.

And, as I wrote about in my June 8th post "A Great School Lives in its Students Forever," we achieved that re-greening goal.  We became re-certified... even as our doors were closing.  Despite the fact that the school was closing, the re-greening has to do with the eco-accomplishments of the four previous years.  During those past 4 years (from 2010--2014), we all went from being an already-great environmental school to strengthening it--making it an even stronger and "greener" curriculum.  We ended at the height of our curricular career and the height of our environmentalism.  For that reason, we felt it was necessary to pay final tribute.

Interestingly enough, we were only one 4-year term away from becoming a Sustained Maryland Green School (which is the result of a successful third re-certification).

What I hadn't done though was to share that tribute with the GTG community.  Until now.  Here is the link that takes you to website that we created to showcase our triumphs at ECS over the last 4 years.

To see the complete list of Maryland "Green" Schools as of May 2014, click here.

To learn more about Maryland "Green" Schools or becoming one yourself, check out the Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Education website.

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