Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ECS Earth Week: Eco Kits

I've said before that Earth Day at Eagle Cove School is an event bigger than just one day.  Yes, we are an eco-week in the making!

One of the things my class did during our ECS Earth Week was to make outdoor  exploration kits for each of the other classrooms.  I've written before about "Exploration Backpacks."  In my mind, I have been thinking this was a vital addition to recess...and Earth Week was the perfect place to make this happen.

When you picture recess at an elementary school, you see a lot of different things:  games of tag, kids swinging on swings, playing soccer or kickball games, and a myriad of other activities.  But there are also the drifters who are trying to find something else to do.  The scientists.  The explorers.  Maybe not the run-around-types, but maybe the look-under-the-rock types.  So with a tote with a bird chart, a leaf identification card, a couple notebooks, some pics, some pencils and crayons to record the observations, a magnifying glass, and even a compass....you've got a true bag of goodies!!

Presented at our Earth Day celebration concert, it's been fun seeing the kids of all ages (PreK to 5th grade) embrace the intrigue of investigation.  From little ones in PreK and Kindergarten to bigger kids grades 3rd and up...seeing them running around with eco kit in hand, trying to spot treasures, hunt worms, or find all sorts of hidden goodies in nature....  THAT makes for a great recess!!

Pictures a la my camera!

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