Saturday, May 4, 2013

Best. Field trip. Ever.

Cross curricular is the way to go.

Just like a recipe:   Combine a synchronized study of Rivers of the World and Bridges.  Insert some mapping.  Fold in in reading and writing.  Add in some environmental studies.  Mix in some math and measurement.  Then pepper in some paintbrushes, a scenic locale, and some creative water color techniques.

With all of this, you have the makings for a great field trip!

Combine with iMovie and you've got an excellent movie-style memoir!!! Check out our li'l video collection of 3rd graders hitting up Sandy Point State Park with paintbrushes in hand to "paint" the bridge!!!

"Painting" the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Vicki Dabrowka on Vimeo. Pics from our adventure and a couple others via my Google search..


  1. They did a fantastic job! Beyond grateful that my daughter attends such an amazing school. --Crystal Parzow

  2. Thanks Crystal! Mary Ellen Geissenhainer, our art teacher, has an amazing knack for making magic happen!! Makes my job easy!