Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cut Your Trash Impact--There's an App For That

In today's world of smartphones, iPads, Kindle Fires and more, it seems like the latest joke is "There's an app for that."  Well, it's true when it comes to going green--at least it is over at Ocean Conservancy.

Just like a pebble thrown out in the water can make a vast, far-reaching impact, so can Rippl, the Ocean Concervancy's newest app. Using their free app, you can build in reminders, track your progress, and help you build habits.  Check out their mini-video:

From their website, Rippl's highlight's include: 
  • Free green living tips to improve daily habits;
  • Goal setting capability to track your anti-trash impact;
  • Alerts you can customize to help you schedule reminders and build habits;
  • Recommendations backed by science to help you work toward a healthier planet
  • Online opportunities for you to build your green community & share personal sustainability successes!
So it seems like a quick visit the app store  might be in order to help your smartphone make YOU smarter and greener, living a more sustainable lifestyle!!

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