Monday, September 3, 2012

On the Cusp--A New School Year On the Horizon

It's funny the realizations that crop up at the mere posting of a Facebook Status.

I was writing about my back-to-school brood that is nestled safely in bed for the start of school tomorrow, the day after Labor Day.   My comment:

"We're on the cusp of 3 F's: First, Fifth, and my twentyFirst year of teaching."
It was then that it hit me... this would probably be the final year of all 3 of us being in the same school. Middle School next year for my daughter, which is then a short commute to High School, then College, and Beyond.  My last year of classroom "Spy Cam" for two (which is what I call it when I do a  classroom "drive by" solely to peek in one of their classrooms.  My last year of personally knowing both of my kids' teachers on an intimate professional level of being fellow teachers with them.  My girl will be doing all of those things you do when you "rule the school" at the top of the class: 5th grade class trips, taking out compost (never a 5th grade favorite), being the school leaders, and graduation speeches.

If I know anything about time after all of these years, it's that it goes faster every no doubt, this one shall fly.  Ready or not, here it comes.  Moral of the story:  not sure I'm ready... but ready or not, here it comes.

I remember starting here at my "green" school, 6 years ago, with such a great pressure because it wasn't just for me, but it was to become the "home away from home" for my then-kindergartner and my then-2 year old who would follow in the backpack-path of his sister.   I chose right--for both myself and my peeps.  I have enjoyed seeing them embrace nature, science, friends, and academic-wonderland here at my "green" school.  I have found my personal teaching niche, and teacher friends I adore.  My kids--and my family--have done the same.

Yes, I am on the cusp.

On the cusp of a new school year, my last year of Spy Cam.

On the horizon of the Magothy River!

Insert big "kid hug" here!

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