Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Muppet State o'Mind ~ Now & 1980s

I'm in a Muppet's State o'Mind here after heavy contemplation of "Muppet Theory"-- especially as it relates to environmentalism. (An upcoming trip to Disney World might also have something to do with that.)

I find it interesting that I have landed on these two gems from circa 1980s.... Public Service Announcements [PSA's] from Kermie and friends and the National Wildlife Federation.

The 1980s.... Nearly 30 years ago. I was a mere wee lassie from the Midwest. Yet, here we are, they are as current as can be. As nostalgic as I find them to be, I find that 30 year mathematical statistic alarming. It leads me to wonder where exactly we will be ecologically and sustainability-wise with not only our environmental progress, but also our PSA's.

The Muppets by green-tv

The Muppets Part 2 by green-tv


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