Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dallas, The Next Generation

In the category of strange but true, I am finding myself watching the premier of "Dallas." The opening credits alone take me back the 15+ years. Man do I feel old...yet, Dallas does what Dallas does best!  Insert smirk here!!

I must admit it. I have been to Southfork. Yes, full disclosure.... Yes, the REAL Southfork.  Even more:  I have seen more than my fair share of original episodes...many of which more than once!! Don't even get me started on the where's, how's, and why's!  How old was I then, those Friday nights, so long ago??? (Probably as old as JR's eyebrows are long now!!)   Let's started in 1978, and the original series ended in 1991....I can't even ponder it!

Bobby Ewing was always my is it any surprise that his son is now my favorite too, esp. now that he is an environmentalist. (Not to mention that he's definitely on this side of cute!! But, I digress....) 

So we have a new tale for new generations, with big oil versus alternative energy.  I get that it is the series pilot--there's more to come, so we can probably just move away from that whole nasty methane, earthquake, unstable alternative gas issue story line.  Just like 30 years ago, JR was akin to evil -vs- good.... So here we are, in a new generation, with the same "good -vs- evil" protocol.  This time now, just different details form a modified story line. If "Dallas" has taught me anything over the years it has taught me that the storyline will continue (with or without a shower/dream sequence scene), and good will typically prevail....though sometimes it takes awhile to get there!!
But all that aside...this takes me back to the days of yesteryear. Kudos to the David Jacobs team for bringing back the old favorites and bringing in the next generation of strong, engaging Ewings.

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  1. Oh yes...Dallas...the memories it brings back to all the Mockaiti family! Not to mention our trip to Southfork...back in the day. "Memories...of the Way it Was!" and..."who really did shoot JR and how much money did he make as a result of that episode? Well, a whole lot more than I made as a teacher, that's for sure!