Monday, November 7, 2011

Series 7 Billion: The Final 7th

It's been a full week.  Halloween.  November's arrival.  Daylight savings time.  Global milestone of 7 billion people.  Yep...not your typical week.

So, where do you stand, here, a week after the population explosion?  Feeling crowded yet?  As our GTG series o'7 billion draws to a close, here's a final resource for you.

Population Connection's Education Program is a great website focused entirely on population education.  It is a national program dedicated to teacher training (preK to 12), providing age-appropriate curricula on the multi-disciplinary fields of population trends, environmental education, public health, sociology, history, geography, anthropology, economics, ecology, and civics.   Whether it is through their newsletter, online resources, their curricular-products you can purchase, connections to state and national standards, or their teacher training, their resources are vast!  In their storehouse, they have 150+ activities (with a majority of those being hand-on, kid-friendly, clever classroom activities).

Great places within their site to investigate:
Images from the Population Connection website:

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