Friday, July 1, 2011

4th Grade Activist Takes on KFC!

Here's a kid to care about!!

Cole Rasenberger, a 4th grader, has done more in terms of environmental action than most of us.

Upon learning of Kentucky Fried Chicken's packaging practice of cutting down wetland trees (see or, this young fella decided to do a little something about it!

Check out this video below highlighting Cole and his KFC mission from

Although KFC has yet to do anything (aside from giving him and his pals a coupon for their next meal off)!

For more about Cole Rasenberger, including when he took on McDonald's packaging (with greater success!), check out  Also check out Cole's Flickr Photostream about his McDonald's project at

Due to Cole's environmental efforts, he also has recieved the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes.  He was one of 10 national winners for this award, and was featured in the March 2010 “Ranger Rick” magazine.  Way to go Cole! 
Kentucky Fried Forests
KFC picture from, an organization dedicated to holding corporations (particularly in the South) accountable for their forestry practices in an attempt to bring about positve industrial/environmental changes.

Picture of Cole from .

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