Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Destination Imagination's Amazing Invention Photo Challenge

It's always a beautiful day when imagination, innovation, and environmentalism weave themselves together. Thank you Destination Imagination for creating "The Amazing Invention Photo Challenge," a project inspired by the new Disney film "Moana" (which comes out November 23, 2016)

But mark your calendars, because you only have the 10 days between October 17--27th to get your creative juices flowing!

Destination Imagination (or DI, for short) is a global organization for students who's vision is "to teach students the creative process and empower them with the skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing world." They do this by creating school groups with facilitators/team leaders who provide both instant challenges and broader thematic challenges for a team of students to work through and creatively solve together.

You can see why DI is inspired to challenge us, but how does Moana fit in? This DI challenge is meant to inspire kids to use the same ingenuity and cleverness of the newest Disney's character Moana. They want to spark kids' creativity by having them invent a toy-sized vehicle to lead that toy of their own on a grand adventure. Moana will do just that in the movie, embarking through lush natural wildlife that needs to be preserved. Given that, there's an environmental-awareness catch: the invention needs to be made entirely out of recyclables. This video details it beautifully!

Reminder: The contest is open for only 10 days!!  October 17th--27th, 2016.

Inventions will be judged on each of these 3 categories, for up to 20 points each (60 total):
  • Overall creativity 
  • Creative use of recycled/repurposed materials (up to 20 points).
  • Creativity of your invention's name
 To learn more here are some of the places to investigate:

More about Destination Imagination through their mission statement:
"To develop opportunities that inspire the global community of learners to utilize diverse approaches in applying 21st century skills and creativity.  The Destination Imagination program is a fun, hands-on system of learning that fosters students’ creativity, courage and curiosity through open-ended academic Challenges in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), fine arts and service learning. Our participants learn patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem solving process. Teams may showcase their solutions at a tournament."

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Waking Up at #Wanderlust

Two weeks ago, I had a day o'play. It was well-timed after being a single mom for a week while my husband was away at a conference. I needed a sweet day for me after holding down the fort while my husband was hunkered down at a swanky hotel.

My day came in the form of Wanderlust 108 DC.

After first hearing about Wanderlust from the Lewis Howes' School of Greatness podcast, I did what I often do--a little more digging via the Internet.  As exotic and wonderful as the 3-4 day retreats sound, I felt a quick jaunt down to neighboring DC for a one-day "Mindfulness Triathlon" might be more in my budget. So, I got up early, thanked the Weather Gods that no rain was in store after 2 straight days previously of rain, grabbed my yoga mat, and hit the road heading south to DC and RFK Stadium.

By 10 am, I already had 10K steps under my belt from completing the 5K portion of the triathlon. No, I didn't run, but it didn't matter. What followed was an hour of barefoot yoga, which indeed stretched me beyond my limits--in good ways. Seeing the sea of participants was rather inspiring! Part 3 of the triathlon was a guided meditation--just as the sun began peeking through the cloud cover.  I think our sun salutations worked!

Meandering about, checking out the shopping and health food booths brought in the flavor of the festival.  Not to mention, it's always glorious spending the day outside.  Additionally, the spirit of adventure filled the afternoon with half-hour workshops of specialized yoga such as aerial, acro, hooping, slacklining and more.  I got to be in touch with my inner "Cirque de Soleil" by flipping upside down in the aerial slings, and I got to reminisce about my days as a first grade hula hooper during the hooping activity. All freeing, relaxing, and leaving me smiling (and perhaps a bit sweaty) at the end of the day.

As I had been driving in, I'd been listening to another Lewis Howes' School of Greatness podcast episode, #385: The Art and Science of Epic Adventure with Jon Levy about going forward and having an adventure. How perfectly timed, and indeed I did.

All of my activities that day definitely emphasized the point that yes indeed, adventure and new experiences are great for the mind, body, and spirit. We become so coaxed by our routines, we forget.

Let us remember to remember. Likewise, let us wonder and wander!

PicCollage photo a collection of my photos, as was the Wanderlust banner to begin with.  The other two photos came from the Wanderlust 108 Facebook page of DC photos

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

International day of the Girl 2016

With International Day of the Girl yesterday (and a whole boatload of political noise about women.

Last week here in the US), it only seems fitting that this week was "International Day of the Girl."

Here is a nice collection of stats, proving that you are indeed on top of the world if you are here, and though you women face challenges, our perseverance will take us far!!


Video from; Image from and

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Making It Real & "Harnessing Our Nerdiness" With Mayim Bialik

I think this Mayim Bialik vlog  about being "geek chic" and being different is poignant.  ("Vlog" for anyone who is unsure, is the mashup for "video blog."  Of course, if you're a bit of a geek chic, tech-head like me, you already knew that)

Amy Farra Fowler's... er, I mean... Mayim's audience is largely for teens.  However, I think anyone who watches & gets "Big Bang Theory" was probably the kind of kid who might have had different interests, or been a little bit quirky, when they were younger.

I like to say that being quirky is part of my effervescent charm!

Steve Jobs and the technology and innovation industries have indeed made it great to be a bit nerdy. Along with the tech-inspirers of the last decade, this video does a wonderful job of helping everyone who might be a little unique to feel a little more comfortable in our own skin.  It also helps inspire us (and our children) that all those STEAM subjects of science, technology, engineering, art, and math are what can drive us to our passions.  It is through those passions and innovating that we are going to make the world a better place! And that starts by embracing our inner greatness, and knowing it's okay to be different and true to ourselves.

Video from, image from

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Shout Out to Sprout: The Plantable Pencil

Graveyard-destined pencils:

We've all seen them. Parents have, adults have, kids have... but teachers probably have the most. The stubbiest little pencil that leave you wondering why on Earth that kid is even still using them. But, for whatever reason, kids love them, and hold on to them until you can sneak them away, for always and forever.

What if you could bring new life to that li'l guy?

Sprout is a company that is all about doing just that. Created by 3 MIT students who were given the task to “design the sustainable office article of tomorrow,” the plantable pencil was born. They are bringing sustainability to this classroom classic consumable, by having their pencils pocket a seed inside.  When the pencil is ready to move on, it literally can be buried in your backyard garden or planter.  Pencils are labeled with what their ultimate harvest will be. They have a flower, herb, and vegetable variety of regular pencils, as well as a colored pencil set too.

These two videos will you you some shout outs about the ins & outs of Sprout!

Pencil image from; videos from and

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Huffington Post #Reclaim Food Waste

I wrote earlier about Huffington Post Original Series "Sustainable Self."  At the time I wrote it, there were only a few videos.  Now they're up to 9 mini-movies, with the most recent posted just last week. No doubt, there's more to come.

But the Huffington Post isn't ready to just stop with sustainability.  They've got another mini-movie series called #Reclaim.

The rational behind creating #Reclaim:
  • 1/3 of all food produced worldwide goes to waste.
  • 800,000,000+ people go to bed hungry world wide.
  • Food waste generates over 3 billion tons of greenhouse gasses.
  • In America alone, 40% of the food goes uneaten due to waste.
  • In America, 15+ million children do not have enough food to eat.
From their website, here is their mission through #Reclaim:
"Our food waste campaign is the latest expression of our global What's Working initiative, which aims to empower our audience to positively change the world by highlighting the art of the possible."

In addition to raising awareness, the Huffington Post also has several key action plans in motion to help petition for less food waste, tackling the distribution problems that get the food where it is needed.

Their current Youtube #Reclaim playlist is up to 15 videos:

Here are the current 15 titles to check out in the HuffPost #Reclaim series.  They were posted between July to September, 2016.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

An Impromptu Day on the Bay: Fifth Grade Field Trip Style

The circles of life are so fascinating!

Wednesday I got to go last minute to Chesapeake Bay Foundation with son's 5th grade class on a field trip today, as they didn't have enough chaperones.

When your Head asks you to go, you go. And when you get are so grateful that you did!!

It hit me when the bus pulled in and I saw Tiffany, our always "First Mate" of the boat--it hit me then that I almost missed this trip because I was ├╝ber in back-to-school teacher mode here at the beginning of the year, and I nearly missed the bigger picture: my "mom" and "historic side."

I was not truly thinking that this was THAT trip.  The big ah-ha moment:  This was essentially my Eagle Cove 3rd grade oyster boat field trip, where the boat came right up to our pier. The one that was always was:
"Best.    Field Trip.    Ever."

As my son and I were talking to his buddies on this trip, we came to the conclusion that this was year 9 of the past 10 years I have gotten to go on this trip!!! Last year, in particular, I was teaching 5th grade at my current school when we made this trip.  Such good memories of the past, and so many smiles from this week.

When my old school, Eagle Cove, closed, my son was in 2nd grade. I was the 3rd grade teacher. The following year he was destined to be in my class, and take part of "all things 3rd grade." On that day that it was announced that our school was to close in June (and all the subsequent months to June), I mourned.  I mourned many things, but one element that was particularly heartbreaking was that I would never get to go on the CBF trip with my son. 

But this week, I did! I had always said it previously--9 times these last 10 years, but it was true:  
Field Trip.  

This Wednesday, I had a goofy grin on my face all day.

The kismit in the day was immense the more I thought of it--especially when I realized how easily I could have missed it. The boating. The "green" building. The canoeing. The shore-side picnic. The more I thought about it after the fact, the more it hit me that I was blessed, encountering a rare and magical moment that was meant to be.  Something I thought would never happen.  Something in my daze of "back to school" I almost missed.

There's nothing more rewarding than a day outdoors, a day chock-filled with memories, and a day with your kids.
Field Trip.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

HuffPo's "Sleep Your Way to the Top"

This summer I did a lot of both "listening to" and "reading about" sleep. In podcast and book form. Arianna Huffington (of Huffington Post fame) and Shawn Stevenson (from The Model Health Show Podcast) both have books out there on the subject of sleep:

Both authors have been featured on a lot of the podcasts I listen to.

Moral of the story--sleep is huge for so much of our health and wellness.

Along those lines, Huffington Post has a playlist over at YouTube with 15 videos focusing on the sweetness of sleep titled "Sleep Your Way to the Top"

Here's one of the 15 examples from the playlist:

So watch and learn, then go head to bed!

Images from, video from

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Turning Trash to Telephone Cases

When you start talking both #eco and #iTechnology, you've grabbed my attention.

Add in  innovation...and that came about from teens?! Pretty impressive.

Alicia Barron at Upworthy posed a great quote in her article:
"Recycling should be as simple as buying a can of soda at a vending machine, right?"
Who doesn't agree?! The simpler that recycling and waste reduction can be, the more we all will do it.
5 high schoolers from a Sicilian, Italy town tried to see what they could do with this concept. And what did they do? They created a prototype that made recycling that simple! They created a vending machine that encourages people to deposit their plastic bottles there upon finishing with them.  The machine then grinds the bottles to plastic pellets, which are then melted to plastic filament that is then extruded through a 3D printer, where the students craft phone cases made from their specially designed 3D printer.

Kudos to Marco Tomasello, Daniele Caputo, Vincenzo Virruso, Vittorio Maggiore, Toni Taormina, and their teacher, Daniela Russo!  With team work and innovation, their project won the AXA Italia Social Impact Award.

Photos from

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Earth Porn & More--Say What?!

 Earth Porn: Don't let the name deceive you. It's more rated G than it sounds!

Sometimes, you just want to see something beautiful. And sometimes, you just can't get yourself out in that beautiful place.  Earth Porn, despite the name, is one of the many places you can get out in nature digitally, if you need a quick fix of the great outdoors.

Earth Porn is a Facebook page where you can go and find beautiful images of this li'l home of ours called Earth. They don't take the photos nor claim the credit, they just pass along the loveliness that they happen to find on Earthables photo sharing website. There's also their website EarthPorm (notice the spelling change).  

Here are some other great sites if you are searching to soak even more, when you need a visual gem to remind you of the nature that surrounds.

Earth Porn Logo & waterfall pic (from Tropical Cauldron in Kihei, Maui; Photo by Mike Dawson) from

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Washed Ashore: Pollution Awareness & More

I'm writing this with a mixture of missed opportunity and self-loathing, as I live near DC and I missed the chance to see an amazing environmental awareness exhibit at the Smithsonian National Zoo.  Insert "kicking myself" here.  I guess that's what happens when you miss that piece about it being a temporary exhibit, on location until only September 5th.

The exhibit:  Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea.

The purpose:  To transform plastic pollution into art to create awareness and potential change in the way we treat "trash."

The art:  All of the art for the various sculptures comes from reclaimed trash found in oceans. In total over 6 years, the team of artists created 66 sculptures using 38,000 pounds of marine debris found off the coast of Oregon.  Unfortunately, this is a mere fraction of what is actually out there in the world's oceans.

So whereas it's now mine and the Greater Metropolitan DC's loss, there's still a few more days for anyone in Atlanta, and here are the next cities in line.
  • The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta until Sept. 25th, 2016
  • Denver Zoo in Colorado: Sept. 24, 2016 to Jan. 16, 2017
  • Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma Washington:  Apr. 17--Oct  16, 2017
  • Reiman Gardens in Ames Iowa: May--October 2017
You can also follow future exhibits on the Washed Ashore Exhibit page.  Likewise, the Washed Ashore website is a great place to go to learn more including videos on the making of the art work and also ways to get involved.

Images are from Washed Ashores Ocean Ambassadors:; video from

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Back to School QR Code Ice Breakers

This school year is exciting for me because I'm back to Tech, going into all the grade levels: Preschool to 5th. Some of my favorite students are my beloved faculty and colleagues!

Here's part of my bulletin board outside my Tech office at school.  Using a QR code generator online, I started created codes loaded with the questions below.  I popped them all into a word document to make for easy printing. (This is my cheat sheet so I know "what's what" once it is in my files). I then cut the codes off and put them on shapes for a ready-made investigation board.   I've opened it up for students and faculty/staff to grab an iPad and a QR scanner app, check out the questions, then share their answers with me.  Can't wait to hear their responses!!

Document created by me, from

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Visual Reminders to Breathe in Nature

I've previously raved about New Age Creators and their videos they post in connection with SoulPancake.  They are ideal to watch when you need to rearrange your brain space and really refocus on what's important in life.

"All We Need is Nature" is a perfect "case & point!" The visuals in this video are a perfect blend of the great outdoors with unbelievable tech talent.  It is such a rich masterpiece of creativity, "maker education," light, texture, and nature.  It makes you want to get outside and go play, or maybe collect little odds and ends to create from there. It might inspire you to take a hike, to let the grass tickle your toes, or to play in a stream.  It's a video showcase of the power of Vitamin N: Nature!

Watch, be filled, then get yourself out there.

Image from
Video from

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Starting The New School Year with a Maker Mindset

Today is my first official day of school--with kids! (Not to be confused with the 1st first day where I say adios to summer!) Given we are a school with a maker mindset, these 4 videos felt like a great way to greet the year, looking at the maker movement, and both individual & collaborative approaches to creativity and the design process.

May your year ahead be filled with all of it, inspiring you to innovate all year long! "Make" the most of it!  Additionally, here's a great list of maker resources from the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance to use in your classroom.

Maker Manifesto image from;"Maker Movement & Mindset" movie from; "Born to Do This" movie from; "Why Do You Create" from;  "An Honest Look at Creativity"

Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Cross-Country Podcast Travel Companion: "The School of Greatness"

This summer, I did an annual Jack Kerouacian trek from my home to the childhood homeland. 770 miles, two kids, packed car, snacks galore. And caffeine! Don't forget the caffeine as the 12.5 hour trek is a one-day deal, powering on, with this gal as the solo driver. That makes for a 25 hour round trip cross country tour! It's easier these days now that the kids aren't so little.  Stops are in-out missions and we are on the move.  The things you do to go home to the people you love.

Given this year's adventure, podcasts were my friends while the backseat crew had movies, books, and tablets as their best buddies.  Yes, there were dictionary word games and song-a-thons, but mixed in between was the fortification of a lot of good brainspace.  I've been investigating many different podcasts, but I keep coming back to the same ones:
Plus, I've just recently started listening to "Inside Quest" with Tom Bilyeu.

But this trip was largely brought to me by Lewis Howes.

His interviews were fascinating, and brought many insights.  Plus, it made for some good car companions for when my kids were sleeping or too busy playing to pay attention to me.  (Though, I did actuallly catch them listening from time to time.

Here's a bit of wisdom I gleaned while "on the road:"

  • From Larry King--the importance of asking questions & tackling life through humor
  • From Taye Diggs--the importance of gratitude
  • From Shawn Stevenson--the importance of sleep & ways to improve the sleep you're getting
  • From Lisa Nichols--the power in faith & overcoming your own personal obstacles
  • From Laird Hamilton--the power of breathing & meditating to "get in the zone"
  • From Tom Bilyeu--the power of growth over fixed mindset & achieving self-awareness
  • From Gretchen Rubin--the importance of habits to build happiness

Good road companions and messages along the way. An excellent way to get geared back up with all the back-to-school business as that's the season we are in!

Good brain space always makes for a loyal travel companion--no matter where you go!!

Lewis Howes image from; podcast image from

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Finding Your Inner Selfie: Soul Pancake-Style!

It almost doesn't matter what day of the week you do it: watch the news these days and you see more negatives than positives.  Especially during an election year!

Additionally, narcissism also has taken on a new meaning this year, both with the election and the onslaught of social media selfies.

Soul Pancake & New Age Creators are taking on the front-facing camera.  And, in doing so, building video below.  Good stuff!
kindness, empathy, compassion...and building our "inner selfie."  To learn more about what that is, watch their

My favorite line:
"How do we start using social media & technology to make ourselves more awesome as humans?"
Very excited to see what else the New Age Creators are putting together regarding "creativity, love, home, happiness, and finding the real you."  I love too how there's an implication that getting away from the phone and getting outside is grand plan as well!


Image from; Video from

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The End is Here: Goodbye Summer, Hello New School Year

Here is my view, the last official "day of summer." (Weekends, excluded--hallelujah, I still have my weekend ahead!)

It's always a bittersweet moment.
It feels like the antithesis of the toasting glasses welcoming the wonder called summer ahead!

As I sit here and reflect on the dark, leafy green fullness of my backyard trees, and compare them to the still-newish, hopeful spring trees of June, it's easy to see the passage of time. The cicadas tell me that. The birds that hone in on the known-feeder, tell me that. The ever-growing grass in August heat tells me that (and that it's time to mow again).

So too do the June, July, and August days that have passed. Adventures, vacations, home improvement projects, books read (for pleasure and professionally), workshops taken, games played, decompression time, and even the days of the minutiae and mundane.

For those who are not "in teaching," it's pretty hard to understand. They see the glory in those "3 months off." For those of us who do teach, we know half of June is spent wrapping up the year and our classroom, and half of August (if not more) is spent looking forward to the year ahead. It's more like 6-8 weeks of true summer if we're really truly lucky!

Additionally, people who don't have work where they "bring home homework" also don't understand. We teachers are packing a whole lot of expectations and catching up into our summertime. We are frantically trying to make up for those nights-'til-11pm grading papers, lesson planning, laminating cutting, or keeping the house going in a forward motion by having clean laundry to make it through "tomorrow." We try to repair the ruffled edges where our house has gone awry from the over-busy-ness of the school year schedule.

As I sit here and look at my list of summer goals for around the house (along with school-prep for the year ahead & bonding time with my kids), I see a lot that didn't quite happen. But then that begs the question of whether the list was realistic to begin with? Can "9 months" of undone chores, projects, and more truly get done in those 3 months?  Plus, in the hectic-ness & mess of school, sports, and schedules, can we even sustain on that same go-go-go level that often feels 24-7?  Decompression time is vital.  I for one need to remember that I love to read "real" books, binge watch shows on the DVR or Netflix, and catch up on documentaries or podcasts that are meaningful to me.  It's almost like I need to remember how to play, have fun, and just "be" with the people that are important to me.

Sometimes that all gets lost in the school year.  Maybe this summer I was right where I was meant to be, doing what I needed to be doing!

Herein lies the blessing and the curse, which are all just two sides of the same coin. As sad as it is to say goodbye to summer, going back to school has a rejuvenation effect. Newness surrounds and abounds. The creative flow of new ideas, new curriculum, & new classrooms of students all serve as energetic catalysts. The same holds true with the colleagues next door to banter with & bounce ideas off of.  For a teacher, the swirling ideas and beautiful brain spaces don't or can't happen in the backyard alone.

Yes, there's also a beauty in back to school.  I'm starting my 25th year as a teacher on Monday. Luckily, I have a week of set up time & meetings where I get to get my feet wet before the young lads and lassies come.  I can gradually ease back into that oh-so-familiar groove.  But, there's a year of unexpected surprises ahead that does bring a natural glee with it. 'Tis time to bring on the newness that's married with the familiar sights and sounds of school. 

Hmmm... In a lot of ways, it's not much different than sitting on the back patio, toasting the start of summer with champagne. The feeling is the same, if you're open to it!

Backyard pic from my camera; back to school pic from Amanda Burton at; clip art  from; "solar" image from

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Backyard BFF

Today I reunited with one of my very best friends: my pool! It's not anything exotic, but that 18' diameter above-ground pool is my sacred summer place.

My buddy and I had been on a bit of a break--about six weeks smack dab in the middle of the height of summer. That, in and of itself, is a travesty! With two vacations book-ending July and a hole in the liner (& the time necessary to fix it)... along with a minor surgery recovery, I was in my own personal drought while the pool was out of commission.

But today I was able to return to my happy place. My personal space out in nature where I get to watch the birds visit our feeders and the tree-side birdhouses where they've made their homes. 

It's where I can watch squirrels scampering and scavenging on the fallen seeds from the bird feeders. I dazzle at the dappling light as it perks through the greenery of the tree.

It's where I exercise (which is huge because this kid is NOT "Sporty Spice" and exercising doesn't come naturally to me, unless it's walking to get in my 10,000 steps. 

My pool is where I relax (& same with pool side). Its where I read and really play with my kids and my dog. It's where I actually can be in the moment, doing my version of sun salutations. It's where I'm as close to meditating as this over-thinking girl gets. It's my source of Vitamin D, Vitamin N, & true energy.

And it certainly makes the hot humid summer days bearable!!

Even though the start of school is right around the bend, this happened at THE perfect time. Reuniting with my backyard bud was just in time to get some last bits of rejuvenation right before in back in business!

Image from my backyard!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Another Periodic Table of iPad Apps: STEAM-Style!

Mark Anderson, creator of The Updated Periodic Table of iPad Apps (Vol. 2), is at it again this summer, concocting yet another periodic table of apps.  This time, STEAM based apps!  Thank you Mark Anderson for your brilliance!!

For a higher resolution picture, click here to go to Mark's resource.

Next stop....getting busy at the Apps store!

Image from

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Sustainable Self" Via The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post's tag line is "Inform. Inspire. Entertain. Empower." Under the leadership of
Arianna Huffington, the Huffington Post has been around over a decade since it originally launched May 9, 2005. For some of us, it feels longer as it has become such a news mainstay as it's popularity has simply soared. Clearly readers are being informed, inspired, entertained, and empowered!

Always pushing the creativity envelop here in the digital age, The Huffington Post once again lives up to it's tagline. This time, it's by way of "Sustainable Self," an online series of original, animated short videos about the importance of making simple environmental choices in our own homes. The shorts first aired July 26, 2016 with 2 trailers introducing "Sustainable Self." (Check them out here and here.) They also aired their first official short: "BYO: Bring Your Own."

Wet your whistle here, then make a date to check out the videos each week!

Sustainable Self logo and "Bring Your Own" Video from; Arianna Huffington pic from 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sesame Street Tugs Our Heart

It's hard to believe the start of the 46th Season of Sesame Street is just around the corner.

Though the intro has changed visually over the years, that song still rings true.  All of which probably make last week's news of the restructuring of Sesame Street & the loss of three of their key and
longstanding actors even more ground shaking for those of us who grew up on the wholesome diet of Sesame Street.  Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when "Bob," "Gordon," & "Luis" feel like old friends. (Actors McGrath, Roscoe Orman and Emilio Delgado, respectively.)

Even when you haven't watched the show in maybe 10 years (and that "you" would be ME due to my children outgrowing it), you feel the loss.  It's the loss of "the good stuff" that has stood the test of time.  It's the loss of knowing and taking pleasure in the fact that it was out there. And it's also that secondary loss of losing something that was a part of my childhood that I grew up with.

There's some controversial conversation that maybe the backlash was not well received, and the "Powers That Be" over at HBO may be reconsidering this decision. Time will tell.

In the July 28th article "Five Times Bob, Luis and Gordon from ‘Sesame Street’ Taught Us to Be Better" by Gabe Meline, we take comfort in where this trio of gentleman have taken us.  It seems especially contradictory to this election year when it seems we haven't an empathetic "gentleman" in the race. (Though half of the reason is because we have a historic election year with our first female to be a major party candidate nomination, so kudos to Hillary Clinton for that!). The 5 video clips in the article are throwbacks to how great these 3 gents were at serving as role models for young viewers. Gabe too shows how these messages stay with those of us who are now adults.

In thinking and reminiscing about the cast of human and muppet characters on Sesame Street, I'm thrown into a meandering down memory lane--many of which are accompanied with their songs and my own Sesame Street soundtrack.  Cookie Monster. Big Bird. Elmo. Snuffleupagus. Maria & Susan. Bert & Ernie. Grover. The Count. Kermit. Oscar the Grouch. Sesame Street always took the big and small life lessons and peppered them in amidst the ABCs and 123s. Sometimes with big name stars along the way.

Take for instance this music parody video with Macklemore from January 2015 as he and Oscar take on trash.  Oscar's been in that trash can for 45 years and counting....and he's still there.  But, at least he is enlightening us along the way

For more trips down memory lane, here you can find "11 'Sesame Street' Videos for Earth Day."

If you still haven't gotten your's a collection of 99 environmental videos from Sesame Street!

Thank you for all you've taught us these 45 years, Sesame Street. Cheers to your 46th year ahead--may it be the start of many, many more.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Climate MidMonth Manifesto: "Now Is the Time" During This Political Season

In this post-season of both Republican and Democratic National Conventions, and the current season of political campaigns everywhere you turn, it is no surprise to all that it's going to be some noisy months between here and November 8th.

For anyone who's been paying attention, one political party's candidate supports the imperative need to focus on climate change, while the other still denies that concept of even exists.

Here in this video is Leonardo DiCaprio, a long time environmentalist, speaking on how "Now Is the Time."  When record temperatures hit month after month, along with other environmental issues brought upon by human choice and human destruction, he's telling us all, now is the time indeed.

Let that be a part of your decision-making strategy this November 2016.

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

San Fran Styrofoam Ban

Anyone who has been following along over here for any amount of time knows that I am NOT a major fan of Styrofoam (aka polystyrene). In fact, I have my children well versed to know that "evil" and "styrofoam" are two words that are locked together.  It's an environmental and health nightmare:

Good news earlier this month comes out of San Francisco. Starting 2017, San Francisco becomes the first city to ban polystryrene as part of their 2020 Zero Waste Goal.  Let's all raise our non-Styrofoam glass to toast this great eco-win!

To learn more about the polystyrene ban, check out this article from LiveScience and watch the video below.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Building a Wall: With Brik Tiles & Legos!

Who doesn't love Lego's?  In fact, a year ago, I wrote about 11 ways why Lego's are downright awesome!

Well, thanks to a new Kickstarter that's out there, we can bump it up to 12 or more!  Who out there, especially anyone who has played around with the Maker Movement, hasn't dreamed about a Lego wall?]

Looks like the Brik Tile is going to make it. With only a few weeks to go in their Kickstarter campaign, the Jolt Team (creators of the BrikBook) are well over their $30,000 goal. The best part--estimated production and delivery, October 2016!

I see a world covered in Lego tiles! If anyone is going to "build a wall," this is the best kind of wall to build!

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Eco Tips on a Dolphin Trip

It's exciting for this li'l eco-warrior when I'm trekking about and happen to see environmentalism in action.  One of our favorite day was our dolphin excursion. We got to pet, kiss, high 5, and kick-board swim with the dolphins.  I discovered they are incredibly, surprisingly strong creatures as they pushed our feet and kick-boards went zooming.

While meandering about at the dolphin center, I ran across some signs detailing some eco tips.  So, of course the camera came out, along with the poster-making apps. 

We are one world--let's all take care of it together.

Photos from my camera at Dolphin Discovery.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Think Eat Save: Reducing Your Food Footprint

It's always interesting when you are living life for a week in another country.
In addition to immersing yourself in a little bit of relaxation, you get the great opportunity of seeing the sights of another culture.  Not only seeing their history, but the little things as well.

One of the very interesting sights I saw was at a buffet on a catamaran day trip we took.  Posted above the pans of amazing food dishes was the following sign:

Anyone who is a mom knows that these are the little messages we all share with our kids.  Especially at a buffet.  That whole "make sure your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach" thing.  I like that here it is a posted message of environmental awareness to help us all reduce our food footprint.

Speaking of which, here's a good video highlighting that same importance in the grocery store. It shows the journey that food goes through to get to your fridge.  Therefore, once it gets there, make sure it gets eaten and does not go to waste or compost.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Effects of Food On Your Brain

In the summer, I'm always thinking about health, fitness, and nutrition. I think it's that thing called "the gift of time."  That, and there aren't the fast food runs that seem to happen on busy nights of school events or soccer practices.

Here's one of the many gems over at TED-Ed.  My latest discovery of their treasures is "How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain" by Nia Nacamulli. This video analyzes how food affects our mental functions. Why we might be sluggish after lunch, why we peek and drop after a sugar fix, and how protein, fatty acids, carbs, and more affect your brain in different ways.

For lesson follow-up activities to use in class, be sure to check out the video over at TED-Ed.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Getting Away: The Secret of Life

I'm getting away.

Getting off the radar.
Getting out of the country.
Passports are packed!
I'm sleeping in.
Getting up early.
Lounging and adventuring.
Sitting by a pool and perhaps even drinking yummy fruity concoctions.
Or two.
Seeing exotic sights.
Seeing sunrises and sunsets.
Taking advantage of the best parts that summer has to offer.
Getting away from the rut, the homework, the chores, the papers to grade, the people you love in your own house to go visit other people you love.
Doing the kinds of things that you should do in the summer.
Especially teachers.

Can't wait for the rejuvination!

Reminds me a bit of a Faith Hill Song:

"The Secret Of Life"

Couple of guys sittin' around drinkin'
Down at the Starlight Bar
One of 'em says, "You know I've been thinking"
Other one says, "That won't get you too far"
He says, "This is your life, and welcome to it
It's just workin' and drinkin' and dreams
Ad on TV says 'Just Do It'
Hell if I know what that means"

The secret of life is a good cup of coffee
The secret of life is keep your eye on the ball
The secret of life is a beautiful woman
And Marilyn stares down from the barroom wall

"You and me, we're just a couple of zeros
Just a couple of down-and-outs
But movie stars and football heroes
What have they got to be unhappy about?"
So they turn to the bartender, "Sam, what do you think?
What's the key that unlocks that door?"
Sam don't say nothin', just wipes off the bar
And he pours them a couple more

'Cause the secret of life is in Sam's martinis
The secret of life is in Marilyn's eyes
The secret of life is in Monday Night Football
Rolling Stones records and Mom's apple pie

Sam looks up from his Sunday paper
Says, "Boys, you're on the wrong track
The secret of life is there ain't no secret
And you don't get your money back"

The secret of life is gettin' up early
The secret of life is stayin' up late
The secret of life is try not to hurry
But don't wait
Don't wait

The secret of life is a good cup of coffee
The secret of life is keep your eye on the ball
The secret of life is to find the right woman
The secret of life is nothin' at all
Oh, it's nothin' at all
The secret of life

Couple of guys sittin' around drinkin'
Down at the Starlight Bar
One of 'em says, "You know I've been thinking"
Other one says, "That won't get you too far"
"That won't get you too far"

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