Saturday, February 17, 2024

Things To Love This February: Black History Month Resources

With February being Black History Month, mid-month is a good time to check in with where you are with educating both your students and yourself about the importance of black history 

The Center for Racial Justice in Education has a treasure trove with at least 80 links on these subjects:

  • How Do We Celebrate Black History Month? Lesson Plans and Curriculum Resources for Educators
  • Do We Need Black History Month? The Underrepresentation and Miseducation of Black Stories, Experiences, and Histories in Schools
  • Why Teach Black Lives Matter in Schools? (Think Pieces)
  • Where Are Afro-Latinos Represented in School Curricula?
  • How Do We Center Black Women and Black Girls in Our Schools?
  • How Do We Center Black LGBTQ Experiences?
  • As a Parent, What Are Ways I Can Engage My Family in Black History Month?:
Other good places to check in on:

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