Saturday, June 22, 2024

Fun With Fonts @ Google Labs GenType

I'm a bit of a font fanatic. I love the ability to jazz things up with the digital creation of some tweaked typography.

Perhaps then it's no wonder why I'm so delighted with the discovery of Google Labs GenType.

Here's a little about it, from its creators:

The font above I created with the following prompt, which showcases the resulting alphabet:

There's so much fun to play with here. You can individually tweak the letters you don't like, then download the files to use in the future. 

I did a little playing with palm fronds too:

Creative juices are flowing! Bulletin boards and digital communication may just have gotten fancier! 

How will you have fun with your fonts and GenType from Google Labs? 

(*Side note: I did notice that I had to use my own google email for login versus my school one as our school administration had that element of Google turned off in our Google For Education applications. So if you are wanting to do this with students, you may need to talk to your IT people.)

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