Saturday, August 26, 2023

Nutty About National Parks

Yes, it is back to school season, but just because the books are out and the classes are filled, that doesn't mean we are at the end of outdoor adventures.

Perfect time to plan ahead for local and state parks near you, and maybe even make some longer adventures to nearby National Parks.
Timing is definitely ideal if you have a 4th grader living in your hours, or if you want to share it with a few of your favorite fourth grade classes!

The Every Kid Outdoors Program started in 2015. It grants outdoor passes for free entry to all US National parks, starting September 1 and remains valid through August 31st the following year. The purpose it to stir up excitement and enthusiasm for our public lands. The only way to be a true steward of the Earth is to learn to love it. Through some research, it was found that 4th grade is the optimal time for that stewardship to grow and blossom. Additionally, the program counters the digital draw of devices and the fact that kids younger and younger are getting sucked into the seductiveness of them. Getting them to unplug and get outside exploring has wins on every front.

Some resources affiliated with Every Kids Outdoors:
  • Get your pass here. You can also find educator and parent resources there too. Passes cover all entry and day-use fees/charges and will cover up to 4 adults in the car. (Kids under 15 have free entry to public lands.)
  • Additional resources can be found at Teacher Goal's article.
Other websites regarding the bounty and benefits of National Parks:

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