Wednesday, April 6, 2022

The Grist 50 Environmental Fixers

When we all start talking about environmentalism, it gets easy to get caught in the doom and gloom. That land of weight and worry tends to do nothing for our sense of hope for the future. "Hope" is a word that I've seen in a lot of my environmental reads lately. Likewise, it is part of the name of Jane Goodall's podcast: Hopecast. Truly, it's what we all need to keep fighting the good eco-fight and give us momentum to keep going!

Inspirational environmental innovators can be a way to see that hope and be energized. Since 2016, has been focusing finding these "fixers." They see these people as folks who go forward as problem solvers and "solutionaries." Gaining nominations from their readers, Grist makes a list of their Grist 50--50 environmental leaders who are charging forward in the areas of sustainability, climate, and equity. These men and women fall in the categories of art, business, tech, media, science, health, food, politics and more. They are chosen by their ability to work toward a healthier, more sustainable future while making a positive impact in their community, going the distance to come up with new and creative solutions to environmental challenges.

This year's categories find 2022's fifty folks falling in these categories: 
Be sure to check out their archives introducing you to the annual Grist 50. Going back to 2016, that gives us 350 eco-heroes to celebrate! Plus, Grrist's digital tribute is visually amazing and different each year, bringing innovation into each year's presentation of people. It's an energizing and inspiring way to learn about seven years of fascinating people and what they are doing for all of us!

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