Saturday, August 7, 2021

Blue Marble Project

When I was a kid, I had this jar of marbles. One of those really old fashioned jars with a wire-closing lids that lock in place. I have no idea where I got it (maybe my grandparents). Playing marbles wasn't really "a thing" when I was a kid in the '70s, as that was more the generation prior to me (or even prior to that one). I don't really remember what it's purpose was, other than decoration and fascination. Back before technology, looking at cool marbles on a summer day and sorting it, and pondering them as currency or whatever was just the thing to do.

Having run across this concept of Wallace J. Nichol's "blue marble" (which started in 2009), it reminded me of my marble jar. I'm definitely going to have to dig around my childhood bedroom to see if I can find that marble jar. Maybe in a box somewhere, or maybe it's just plain in the land of the lost (like so many of our childhood "things."). Maybe it once was part of my classroom "stuff" when I was a "marble jar" teacher, rewarding collective good behavior. Bottom line, I haven't a clue where it could be now.

But, it's got me thinking. Did I have any blue marble in there? Law of averages says yes.

But the bigger question is: What is the Blue Marble Project? The blue marble at arm's length represents the view of our blue planet Earth from space. Here's Wallace J. Nichol's to tell you all about it:

Still curious and want to learn more? Check out these resources. Maybe it'll encourage you to get a bundle of blues and start sharing it forward as a li'l random act of blue kindness to spread 'round the world. When we care about something, that's when we want to protect it!

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