Wednesday, July 8, 2020

MAEOE's Cavalcade of Collected Resources

I love collective nouns. Those unique words that describe a bunch of something.
An atlas of maps.
A cache of jewels.
A quiver of arrows.
A blush of robins.
A charm of hummingbirds.
A wonder of stars.
A kaleidoscope of butterflies.

When it comes to a knowledge base, I like to think of it a a "cavalcade of collected resources." If you are looking for a wealth of nature-based info, Maryland Association of Environmental & Outdoor Education [MAEOE] is the place to go. Given their dedication to environmental education & green schools, it's no surprise!

This summer, they are creating weekly newsletters entitled: "Engaging With Nature: Weekly Ideas for Parents & Caregivers Newsletter." Here they have a collection of outdoor, nature-centric ideas to connect you with nature in a variety of no tech, low tech, and high tech activities, camps for kids, and adult inspiration. At this writing they have Summer Edition 1 (June 19) & Edition 2 (June 26).

In addition to their Resource Library, they have another page of a multitude of resources dedicated to providing parents & educators loads of links. Their Home-Based Environmental Education Resources (Teachers, Parents and Guardians) page has links to resources on all of these:
  • 50th Anniversary of Earth Day resources
  • Bay Backpack Resouces
  • National Wildlife Federation Resources
  • Project Learning Tree 
  • Green Center Partners
  • Virtual Field Trips & Tours
  • Spanish Reosurces
  • Climate Education Tools
  • Community Science Tools
  • MAEOE Video lunches
  • Professional Development & Webinars
  • Activities
  • Videos 
    • Wednesday Lunch and Shares--A google drive folder filled with all of their weekly lunch recorded events since April 1st
      • April 1, 2020: Taking a Purposeful Pause
      • April 8, 2020: Share ideas for connecting families with nature nearby or inside
      • April 15, 2020: Climate Change and COVID-19
      • April 22, 2020: Earth Day and Citizen Science
      • April 29, 2020: Climate Education and Art Online
      • May 6, 2020: Online Portals and Virtual Learning
      • May 13, 2020: Engaging With Volunteers During COVID-19
      • May 20, 2020: What's the Buzz: All About Native Bees
      • May 27, 2020: Conservation and Agriculture
      • June 3, 2020: Environmental Forums and Virtual Green Team Meetings
      • June 10, 2020: Virtual Encounters with Live Animals
      • June 17, 2020: Agricultural and Virtual Education Resources
    • Environmental Educators Collaboration Meetings:
      • March 30, 2020: Working Collaboratively Together
      • April 14, 2020: Equity and Inclusion
      • April 27, 2020: Place-Based Learning
      • May 11, 2020: Aligning Virtual Resources to Standards
      • May 26, 2020: Engaging in Nature this Summer & Communication Strategies
      • June 8, 2020: Continuation of May 26, 2020 Meeting (Engaging in Nature this Summer & Communication Strategies)

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