Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Science for Remote Learning

As more schools are moving to remote learning (mine included), I've been trying to get a storehouse of resources for educators. Theme du jour: for the science minded!

Here are some stellar science sites, just for you!

Science Around Cincy
Complete with Teaching Resources, this website's goal is to help "build the next generation of scientists, inventors, engineers, and researchers." This video series shares the stories of scientists in the Cincinnati area and has activities paired with each video to connect the science lessons from school to the relevance of everyday life

Science Over Everything
"Science Around Cincy's" sister site
Of particular interest you'll find remote learning resources, videos, "60 Seconds with a Scientist," classroom resources, and National Parks Projects.

Common Sense Media's "Terrific Websites for Science"
Here you'll find 48 vetted science websites from Common Sense Media.

Mystery Science
Typically a membership site, Mystery Science has an open, K-5th grade leveled website of activities that are perfect to share at home.

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