Saturday, September 21, 2019

Outdoor Adventures: Punta Cana's Scape Park

 This summer we went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for a family vacation. In addition to it being a fabulous way to spend every day outdoors, we went on a breathtaking excursion that was adventures and memories packed all in one! It was also a great way to get both my Vitamin N & my #BlueMind satisfied, all in one!
Scape Park at Cap Cana is an outdoor playground of ziplines and waterholes (and sometimes the two were combined) in the Dominican Republic rain forest. We had an 8 hour packed day, but we certainly couldn't do everything! Here's a sneak peak at all of their offerings:

Their attractions that we did take advantage of (as there just wasn't time for the beach, horseback riding, and all that we did):

  • Visiting Monkey Island, Parrot Island, and Iguanaland to see all of these amazing creatures
  • Doing 8-10 ziplines along their ecotour--the last of which landed in water! 
  • Trekking the Cultural Route--a rebuilt village of the Tainos Indians with historical boards detailing Christopher Columbus' invasion.
  • Splashing about under a waterfall.
  • Swimming in a crysaline underground cave, a treat all to ourselves.
  • Jumping into Hoya Azul, a ceynote (which is a sink hole that filled with water).
  • Visiting the True Bat Cave: Iguabonita Cave--with helmets on to protect us from the bat droppings!
It was a remarkable way to spend 8 hours outdoors.  Here's a peek at some of our favorite memories of the day.

When it comes to traveling and/or outdoor adventure, do it. Just the mere fact of encountering something different is what life is all about. It widens your perspective and gives you new experiences. Some of those may include a glimpse at other cultures. When. you can see the wider world outside of yourself, it it builds perspective, empathy, and even more when some of those experiences are outside!

Video from; My pics & videos compiled in Adobe Spark

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