Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mother Earth & Me: Celebrating Earth Day With Smithsonian's Discovery Theater

Last week we had the great pleasure of having the Smithsonian Discovery Theater come on location to our school and present "Mother Earth & Me: Celebrate Earth Day" during Earth Week. I was blown away by the message, meaning, presentation, and power of the 4 person troupe that came to our school.

The Synopsis from their website:
Mother Earth and Me (Celebrate Earth Day)
Available Tour Dates: April 16-25, 2018
Recommended for Kindergarten-5th Grade
The magic of earth science takes center stage in this fun, interactive Discovery Theater original as we explore the origins of our planet, the water cycle, and our important role in protecting the ecosystem, as well as folklore about the “big blue marble” we call home. Kick off Earth Month by pledging to become an Earth Warrior—and find out some great ways to start right away!
The level of engagement for all, Preschool to 5th grade was high for the entire duration of their 45-60 minute presentation. We all left giving our oaths to our Mother Earth, because like a good mother she takes good care of it's our job to take good care of her!

Click here to see their learning guide for this specific production.

Additionally, if you ever get an opportunity to see any of Discovery Theater's production, make sure you do!

Discovery Theater banner from; pictures from my camera.

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