Sunday, June 12, 2016

Our Hearts Break Once Again: Not Another Mass Shooting.

I'm saddened, hugely so, by the news du jour.

Orlando, I am soo, soo sorry.  For your pain, for your loss, for being here once again.

It just isn't right.  And there aren't words enough.  It is just. plain. wrong.

My heart goes out to all of you who were at the Pulse and witnessed this first hand. My heart aches for the family members who were struck with middle-of-the-night fear and fled to the scene of the club or the hospital to find your people. I hope you were in the 5/6 that found your people alive.  Life is meant to be filled with love, not this.  Why are we still judging people because they find safety, security, and comfort in a place that welcomes LGBTQI? Everyone, no matter who, should have a place they can go where they feel comfortable.

End of story.

I find it all so horrific, so sad, so pointless. All this hatred. I'm so sorry we are witnessing yet another perilous public crime that has dramatically & brutally changed the lives of so many and their loved ones.

I don't like to get political (more than eco-political, I should say), but today I am urged, nudged, spurred to go there.

There is not a word "enough" to describe the sickening feeling I get for this. "Horrific," which I have used in my own world, isn't even enough. Slate posted video with Chris Leinonen's mother who was still awaiting the news on her son earlier today: was he hurt? injured? or elsewhere with a dead phone, unable to connect?  On the original Slate post on Facebook that I saw, a few people were slandering this mom and Slate for theatrics. ??!! Really?!? Anyone who is a parent, anyone who has the wherewithal to put themselves in another person's shoes would never EVER say such an idiotic thing. What is wrong with people in this nation?!!?

Add in, I predicted to my husband that people would start coming out saying its Obama's fault. An hour later, true to point, I saw on Twitter that Trump thought Obama should resign on this. Because hate crimes only happen on certain party's watch!?! No. Hate is hate. And unfortunately these mass slayings have been happening more and more, not just over the last 7 years. A trend over the last 20+ years. All parties considered. All partied connected. All parties implicated. It's not just a "party" thing or a "Democrat" thing. It's a sad thing that is completely out of control due to assault weapons, mental illness, and more. We need to come together in this pain. For the 50 who died tragically due to one person's evil and the 50+ who are injured. Pointing fingers, name calling and more are pointless and get us nowhere.

There are so many who are saddened here by the events and the new reality in their personal lives.  When, in the midst of tragedy, will be the turning point?!

To visit the GoFundMe page to donate & help today's tragedy, click here.

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