Sunday, January 4, 2015

Make a "One Word"Commitment for One Year

Ever since writing about "one word" and reflecting back on what that probably was for 2014 ("Change"), I have been pondering my potential word for 2015. 

It's kind of like dress shopping. I've been trying them on, sampling them for size, shape, fit, comfort level. 

I nearly went with "Invest." That one had a pretty good fit--not just from a money decision side, but also in these ways:

  • Invest in the relationships that matter; 
  • Invest in spending time in ways I value; 
  • Invest in food and health choices to build the body and energy I desire. 
A good word.   A "walk-to-the-counter-it's-mine" word.

But, just like when you think you have that "just right outfit" and are walking up to the counter to purchase it and make it your own, you see "it." That unassuming yet perfect outfit tucked away that you somehow managed to miss on your first go around. Surprisingly simple, yet so ideal. 

Yep, it's the one.    Make.

It ties in with the Maker Movement of inventive thinking that we are embracing at school to embody the 21st century skills of design thinking, creativity, collaboration, & critical thinking. So this 1 word builds in, for me, a professional goal.

Yet, this seemingly simple word has a lot of power:

  • Make time for what I value. 
  • Make time for the people I love. 
  • Make healthy food choices. 
  • Make smart money choices.
  • Make room in my house for the things I love, and make a break from the things we have outgrown. 
  • Make a move to get outside more. 
  • Make more "unplugged" time (& make my family see the importance of that). 
  • Make more time to "play" (& to sleep!) 
  • Make time for creativity and blogging. 
  • Make time to be less busy while making time for re-energizing & more adventures. 
  • Make time for more books and less Social Media Trawling. 
  • Make peace with the imperfections. 
  • Make more laughter to alleviate the stress of modern living. 
  • Make more space amongst the busy. 
  • Make some lemonade, & make time to watch the sunset while drinking it. 
  • Make a family word for the year that the 4 of us can aspire to. 
  • Make a life that energizes me. 
  • Make sure I'm not sleep walking through life (though make sure to sleep if that's what my body needs!) 
  • Make this the year that you make things happen. 
  • Make a difference. 
  • Make. 
As my husband told me, many of these, while all encompassing, seem to counter each other. 'Tis true, but I think that's what life is. Kind of like the old Kenny Rogers song from the long ago movie "The Gambler:"
"You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them.                Know when to walk away...Know when to run."
Sometimes you ebb, sometimes you flow. It's about being more self-aware and knowing what you need at the time. "Make sure you aren't sleepwalking through life" sums that up well.

Yes, "Make" fits quite comfortably.
What might your word of 2015 be?

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