Sunday, June 15, 2014

School's Out For Summer!

Here is my disclaimer:

I have been on summer break for 2 weeks.  After a week of packing up my classroom in my now-closed-for-good school-I-love (and filling up garage with a bounty of boxes and double stacking my bookshelves in my house with chapter books), I'm officially on summer vacation.

Whoo hoo!!

Given that, I've been having a summer--well, sorta. We're still in the early stages over here.  I'm facing a house that's been largely been neglected the last 4 months while job searching. I'm finishing up a graduate level class for reinstating my teaching certificate. I taught a Professional Development half day on iPads at one of my old schools.  I'm starting to attend new teacher summer workshops for my new school this fall. Then too, there's the regular mom stuff.  But, I've also gotten the chance to hang out in my pool, and visit with one of my favorite colleagues I've ever taught with.  What a great way to share & exchange ideas--while catching up with a dear, old friend!!

Ergo...I've been Green Team absent as of late. Hence the disclaimer.

But luckily, I can back-post!

So... to all those teachers out there---here's a little note for you.  Hope you're eating it up!!  We earned it, and have deserved it!  Take advantage of it--each and every day!!  Cheers!

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