Saturday, October 12, 2013

Water-Cycling Through a Rainy Weekend

When you have about 2 weeks of glorious, sunshiny weather (weekends included), you know it's just not going to last forever.  The other shoe is bound to fall.  Well, scratch the shoe, and make that raindrops.  Raindrops are a-falling on all our heads over here for about 4 days now. Our preacher today at church said, "For those of you out there praying for rain, you might just want to lighten up on that prayer just a little bit for the rest of us."  It's true!

I've always been one to see a good old fashioned rainy day as a bit of a gift--an opportunity to slow down, give yourself a break, take a nap, and be one-with-the-couch with a good movie.  But after multiple indoor recess days (ask any teacher--these are the bane of our existence), sogginess beyond belief, and it's still a-comin' down, there comes a time when it's a bit much.

So upon pondering the "what's coming down," it reminded me that it eventually makes it all back up.  The water cycle is continuous and crazy like that.  Given that, it felt like a good day for an H2O review-o!

Of course, no one can do it like everyone's favorite comedic scientist can--Bill Nye the Science Guy:

For those of you who are master musicians and have an affinity for a li'l rainy day rap, this one might be for you.  (You can find a version of it with lyrics printed at this link.)

And lastly, here's a shorty from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center which would serve as a good place for students to try out their vocabulary while discussing the visual water paths on screen.

Here are some great sites for lesson plans to further your examination of the water cycle.  Might make for a great rainy day activity!

Pic from

Bill Nye the Science Guy video:

Water Cycle Rap:  (Do note--upon watching this new find, I noticed that the word "Precipitation" is misspelled on one slide.)

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