Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Right Brain Meets Left Brain With Climate Change--Climate Change, Summer 2013, Part 2

I'm sort of continuing on with my Climate Change thread this week.  In thinking about the rise in temperatures and the fact that this still is somehow "a debate," I landed on this video by Ensia.  In it, University of Minnesota and Daniel Crawford go about discussing climate change in a non-traditional way.  A way that hasn't been done before.  A way that more of us might "hear."  He combines raw scientific data with the music and magic of his cello and a pretty distinctive game plan--to record a song to reveal about climate change.  Namely, "A Song of Our Warming Planet."

A Song of Our Warming Planet from Ensia on Vimeo.

The score of this musical masterpiece is a little different than your typical song.  In it, Daniel Crawford plots the global temperature since 1880 by scale--musical scales.  If the temperature trend went down, the musical notes of the song go down.  If the temperature goes up, so too do the tones.  I love how the historical temperature graph is superimposed on the images, and the line graph moves with the music.  The trend is quite clear.

I love that this approach takes a right-brained tackle on the left-brain global data.  It left me wondering:  could this be the type of thing that finally makes a difference between the deniers and the dedicated believers.  My question is how many scientist need to be right in order for us to start believing it?  97% clearly isn't quite enough yet.  Perhaps by approaching it in a non-scientific way, people will truly be able to see!

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