Sunday, February 3, 2013

Turning Your SuperBowl Festivities a Green Shade of Yummy

Unless you've been living under a rock (or hiding your head in the sand because your team didn't make it here), today is SuperBowl Sunday.   SuperBowl XLVII.  (That's 47 to you non-Roman-Numeralonians).  The Baltimore Ravens -vs- The San Francisco 49'ers.

Here in the greater Baltimore area, there's a ton of hometown pride and seas of purple everywhere--church, the grocery store, you name it!  Fingers are crossed, and clocks are counting down to kick off time.  I (for one) am hopeful, for I know how grouchy my football friends and family can get when their team is not on top!  I have to live with them, so yes indeed, I am hopeful that Purple Fever reigns supreme!

No matter which team you are going for, odds are high there's a SuperBowl party in a lot of people's future. Here are some great last minute munchies to bring a li'l green to your purple or red & gold parties:

SuperBowl photo from; Food photos from the links associated with them.

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