Monday, February 20, 2012

Speaking for the Truffula Trees

Ah...the glory of a 3 Day Weekend ~ Presidents' Day.  I love my job, but every now and then, a well placed 3 day weekend is a glorious, fabulous thing for the family.  In honor of our day off, the kids and I are heading to a movie.  Of course, the conversation of movies quickly got us to talking about "The Lorax," which the kids are dying to see.  The countdown to the nationwide reveal is a mere 11 days or so:  March 2nd.  A perfect  release date, in that March 2nd would be Dr. Seuss' 107 Birthday.

Interesting too in that the movie has made news recently with the fourth graders from Ted Wells' Brookline, Massachusetts class.  Having noticed that there wasn't much green on the movie website for this benchmark book on environmentalism, they made a video and posted a petition on to Universal Studios.  And it worked!  For some of their media making news, click here or watch the video where Diane Sawyer names Mr. Well's class as the "Person of the Week.".

To add some Lorax life to you lessons, here are some great sites to check out to Seuss-ly spruce up your curriculum, and gear up for falling in love with the Lorax!!

Seussville's "The Lorax Project"

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Cybraryman's Dr. Seuss Page

Homeschooling Thematic Lorax Plans
Humongous Dr. Seuss Giveaway from Teaching Blog Addict

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